BondXplorer™ multimodal microscope

New hope for rapid cancer diagnosis: the virtual histology revolution

Today, cancer diagnosis relies on complex techniques that are not always suited to emergency situations, such as surgery. At Lightcore Technologies, we’ve developed an innovative solution that could change all that.

Imagine a tool that enables doctors to see tissue structures at the cellular level, almost in real time. That’s what we’ve created with the BondXplorer™ microscope. Our technology, based on stimulated Raman imaging, can detect cancer in untreated human surgical specimens. It generates histological images that resemble those obtained with current techniques, but much more rapidly.

Our DC-SRS microscope uses this technology to follow the evolution of tumors in tissue. It produces images almost identical to those obtained with conventional techniques, but 100 times faster. This means that doctors could have access to crucial cancer information during surgery, without having to wait for test results.

We have already tested our technology on the brain and gastrointestinal system, and the results are promising. We believe it has the potential to revolutionize medical imaging in many fields.

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