BondXplorer™ microscope

The BonXplorer™ microscope is a nonlinear microscope allowing simultaneous imaging using various modalities, including SRS imaging of CH2 and CH3 bonds, CARS imaging, 2P fluorescence and SHG imaging.

Multimodal nonlinear microscope

The microscopy system offered by LCT is an inverted microscope that allows for simultaneous imaging of Stimulated Raman Scattering (SRS), Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS), Second Harmonic Generation (SHG), and two-photon fluorescence (or autofluorescence) over a field of 625 microns x 625 microns. This microscope is marketed under the brand name BondXplorer™.

The detection of CARS, SHG, and two-photon signals occurs in back detection. SRS detection is optimal in forward detection, although in one operating mode it can be performed in back detection (requiring manual movement of the detector).

Histological imaging

Driven by the APE Delta Emerald OPO the system has the unique ability to simultaneously detect two wave numbers separated by 85 cm-1 and positioned at will on the range 350 cm-1 – 3800 cm-1, by SRS or CARS. This feature is crucial for quality histological imaging that requires simultaneous acquisition of SRS signals from CH2 and CH3 bonds.

Control software

The microscope is controlled by a dedicated software that allows control of various functionalities (field of view, integration time per pixel, objective movement in z, motorized stage movement in (x,y)…). In addition, the software allows control of the synchronous detection unit (necessary in SRS mode) as well as the laser system.

The software offers the user a real-time ‘Stimulated Raman histology’ image that allows for the appreciation of tissue morphology in a colorimetric code (proprietary routine developed by Lightcore Technologies) of interest to histopathologists.

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