FemtoGuide™ fiber

The FemtoGuide™ delivery fiber is a flexible single mode hollow core fiber enabling the delivery of femtosecond and picosecond pulses without spectral nor temporal broadening.

Pluggable delivery fiber

The FemtoGuide™ delivery fiber is sheathed in a robust jacket made of Kevlar and plastic for added mechanical protection. It features standard FC/PC connectors at both ends, allowing for easy integration into existing setups or devices. Furthermore, the fiber can be customized to specific lengths, ranging from 50 cm to 5 m, to suit various requirements.

Broadband transmission with low dispersion

The figure on the right illustrates the transmission spectrum of a FemtoGuide™ delivery fiber. It exhibits a broadband transmission (indicated by the blue curve) within the 800-1800 nm range, as well as a shorter transmission window in the 400-600 nm range. The fiber’s dispersion remains remarkably low (<2 ps/nm/km) across the entire transmission band, which enables the delivery of short pulses without any temporal distortion. Additionally, we offer other options featuring different transmission bands to cater to various needs.

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