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Company Values

Lightcore Technologies is an innovative company at the forefront of nonlinear optical imaging technology for biomedical and scientific applications. Born from a collaboration between the Fresnel Institute, XLIM and PhLAM laboratories, we are based in Marseille and Lille (France).

Our products, such as the BondXplorer™ Microscope and InSplorer™ Endoscope, offer photonics-based multimodal imaging and analytical solutions for research, life science and clinical care. We believe that nonlinear optical imaging is the future of imaging. It allows for label-free non-destructive investigation of physio-pathological processes in live samples at sub-cellular spatial resolution.

What sets Lightcore Technologies apart is our commitment to innovation through our academic collaborations, numerous patents and technological breakthroughs. At Lightcore Technologies, we are passionate about advancing science and are proud to provide innovative solutions to improve research and clinical care.